Smith was born in Knoxville, Tennessee about 1894 and at the time of enlistment he lived at 615 E. 5th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. For example, in the 1890s passenger lists the city known as Jakarta was generally referred to as Batavia, so if you select the destination country Indonesia you will find that we have joined together these two names as Jakarta (Batavia) in the dropdown list of ports. Many passengers are described as going on a round trip or a tourist cruise, and these are all grouped together under the single header Round Voyage. Pvt. 1954 Nov 10. see description line storage D28 144038857786 Passenger lists vary in size and in length, they changed over time, and different shipping lines had their own pre-printed forms. His body was recovered and later returned to Farmington, Illinois for burial. The inclusion of Dutch, German, Swedish, Portuguese and other foreign ships means that some ships will have names that may initially look like mis- transcriptions. Summary Menu 'At The Equator' published by the Orient Line for passengers travelling on the SS Otranto in 1954 and used for a child's birthday party. Otranto then resumed her pre-war role as a passenger liner, now refitted to carry 1,412 tourist-class passengers. - In Lists B & C, the marks of the individuals are indicated within the parenthesis.. Contributor Richard C. Gethmann Source: Pennsylvania German Pioneers, A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals In the Port of Philadelphia From 1727 to . example: 1851 passenger list (scroll down) l847 Canadian list. Whilst the ships listed in the Passenger Lists records are all departing from ports in the UK, not all of the ships themselves are British. However, if you know that a particular passenger left from a particular port, or are only interested in passengers sailing from a particular port, you can select (for instance) Southampton from the list. Find a ship: In this database you will be able to find ships, not only those which departed directly from Norway, but also other transatlantic ships which carried emigrants. This information was shared with me by a relative of Seaman Ludlow. Deutschland 1866, 2800 tons, 325ft x 40ft. Orient Steam Navigation Co./Pacific Steam Navigation Co. Outward sailings January-April 1882 (issued January 18, 1882) Vessel (s) Ports of call. The jump to the HMS Mounsey was 40 feet and as the sea rolled up and down was reduced to 20 feet, but if you got it wrong you were crushed or cut in half by the ships wire rope rails. The Ship Hope, 1733 List A - The Captain's list List B - The signers of the Oath of Alligiance List C - The signers of the Oath of Abjuration. Generally, in our experience, cards give more biographical information than their matching lists. He sailed aboard the HMS Otranto on the 25th September 1918 and he was killed during the 6 October sinking of the Otranto. The passenger train was carrying 342 travellers and 10 crew, with two crew on the cargo train, Hellenic Train data showed. If you don't have an account please register. Strong enough that one had to hold on to something to keep from being blown over. Embarking at Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Colombo, Naples, Toulon, Gibraltar, Sydney, Adelaide and Fremantle. It will be quite well in a few days and I will be able to leave here. I can remember standing in front of my mother at the funeral parlor and seeing his coffin with the flag over it. Passengers For New England, pg 407. Lisa recalls that Owen Tucker, her grandfather never spoke about the disaster but his brother Edward Tucker did only when he had a couple of drinks. Eastward bound ships when crossing this line observe the same date twice. Original lists (1883-1891) also survived. Was assigned to the Spetember Automatic Replacement Draft and was drowned on the Otranto when she was sunk on October 6. Able Seaman Sidney George Ludlow. Seaman Turner made it safely and years later was able to tell his story to his grandson, Wayne. Voyages from all British (English, Welsh and Scottish) ports, and from all Irish ports before partition in 1921 and all Northern Irish ports after partition, are covered in BT27. Cpl. 1 and agrees with his birth year being 1898 but offers little more information on Jennings (though they thought he was returning from WWI on the transport ship which is a mistake). I did have his Mandolin but at one point in my life I was really down and out and my Mom told me to sell it which I did now I wish I had kept it. Present at the North African, Sicilian & Italian landings. In February 1957 she made her final voyage, from the UK to Sydney, Australia via Cape Town, South Africa. My hopes and prayers are that he may yet survive. Oct. 13, 1918. His daughter Barbara Dilts Joike reflects; "I also do not have many memories of him. Images may be used only for purposes of research, private study or education. My search for him that Sunday morning one week ago today was in vain. Journey to Australia: Tall Trees Family History DEPARTURES: 1822-1869 London, England Liverpool, England Baltimore 1868, 2321 tons, 285ft x 39ft. The Australian National Maritime Museum began collecting maritime artefacts long before it opened its doors in 1991. When World War II broke out in 1939 the Admiralty requisitioned Otranto and had her converted into a troop ship. Please note that not all ports are sea ports. Demise. Firstly, the simple calculation ignores the date of voyage within the year: for instance, a passenger who was aged 21 and who travelled on 1st January 1911 is more likely to have been born in 1889, while a passenger of the same age who travelled on 31st December 1911 is much more likely to have been born in 1890, yet both will displayed in your results with the calculated year of birth of 1890. These are digitised records from two. Who First name (s) Name variants Last name Name variants Have you found an error with this catalogue description? The Azores, the Canaries and Madeira are given their own identities within the destination country list. However, given the size of the database, unless you are dealing with a rare or distinctive name, you may find that you need to select a country (or to work through a selection of counties one at a time) for your results to be manageable. Soon the word was passed the another ship the Kashmir, had broke her rudder and her Captain was unable to control her hitting the Otranto amidships and bow on port side. Pvt. "Tel" or "Tel $" meaning Telegram, meaning they didn't have sufficient funds to travel to their intended destination, and they sent a telegram requesting money from a relative or someone else. We have constructed the database in such as way so that, where a port has had two names within the period covered by the BT27 data series, the ports are joined together in the drop-down list and therefore are searched together. HMS Otranto was an Orient Steam Navigation Company liner and was built by Workman Clark, Belfast in 1909 for the London to Australia route but also did cruses to Norway and the Mediterranean on occasion. In 1942 she was modified to carry landing craft as a Landing ship, infantry. privacy policy, Need more context? However, in some cases there are cards without corresponding lists, as well as lists without cards. He was selected as part of the September Automatic Replacement Draft, Company 1, from Fort Screven Georgia. The Willem Ruys and Oranje passed in opposite directions . Kashmir also carring American troops, in Machir Bay off the North coast of Islay, Scotland, drifted ashore and became a total wreck. S.A.R., [September Automatic Replacement] C.A.C., Sergeant Battle enlisted into the Army on July 8, 1918 at Fort Screven, Georgia, and was attached to the Coast Artillery Corps. 1, from Ft. Screvens, Georgia. One had to hold to something to keep from being swept overboard. It was the lookouts from the Otranto that first spotted the German fleet. Date of Departure: 30 June 1903. Dont worry about me Im all right, and if you dont hear from me regularly dont worry for you know the mails are so uncertain. He is buried in the Kilchoman Cemetery, Islay, West Coast of Scotland, Grave site 7.131. His service number was 213177 and died while serving on the ship on 26 March 1918. Sugar was sent to Europe for the service men who did not get it because it was on the wharf in France and got rained on. If you have research comments or additional information on this page E-mail them to: Joe Hartwell, [Return back to the Ships histories page] [ Return back to the Site Map ] [ Return to the Coast Artillery Corps page ], Pvt. View the catalogue description for. His father, John Lauch, 248 West Forrer St., Lockland, Ohio, was notified as next of kin of his death. Herbert A. Dodd listed above. -The following American survivors of the Otranto, all of them privates, have been landed here: Charles E. Smithson, David R. Roberts, George S. Taylor, Earle Garver, Stewart Early [Early Steward], Noah Taylor, William Cooney, Robert F. Schaun, Thomas A. Kelly, Ben Smith, Robert Brown, Joseph S. Richards, William Richards, Emil Peterson, Joseph M. The passenger lists are arranged in chronological order of arrival of ships 1898-1963 and aircraft 1952-1963 interfiled (note: during 1945 a number of military flights ferried passengers and military personnel into Perth - these were usually Catalinas or Liberators which are denoted by a 5 letter call sign, e.g., G.AGUK, G.AGFM). Somehow the waves carried my left leg underneath one of the chains and the weight of the anchor chain held me in a straining position until another wave loosened me. The indexing is complete only for the assisted immigrant programme through to 1888. Passengers For New England, 1638, pg 108. However, copies of the records (1820-1874 with gaps) survived. They would carry passengers to America, and take cargo back for Europe. His shoulder always caused him great pain and finally, he retired from his business in 1946, turning it over to my older brother Robert Morris Perrin, when he returned from WW II. FOR SALE! You can search and download lists of ships' passengers entering and leaving the United Kingdom from and for ports outside Europe and the Mediterranean. You could see the waves break upon them. When the destroyer reached port he was virtually frozen stiff to the railings and they had difficulty prying him loose.. listen to the trailer where to start 01. Her name is Brooke and she lives in Napier, New Zealand. For instance, Curacao (West Indies) and Caracas (Venezuela) can look extremely similar and it is not always possible to be confident that you have identified the correct place (not least because a single voyage to the Caribbean could conceivably call at both places). The Otranto is the first of the new Orient liners to be fitted with wireless, and during her present trip she was able to maintain communication with 23 shore stations and 45 steamers. Private Pearl B. Horn was discharged from the Army on February 1, 1919 at Camp Grant, Illinois. Commanders of Trans-Atlantic Steamships - 1894. Wayne remembers that when he was a young boy his grandfather told him how he lost friends who got cut in half by jumping to the decks of the HMS Mounsey as the sea was rolling, washing back seaman that had just jumped off the deck of the Otranto. Blair Witch launched the "found footage" horror trope and Otranto inaugurated the "Gothic." Interestingly enough, Otranto also employs a "found footage" gimmick with its first edition, pretending that the original manuscript was hundreds of years old, unearthed from the . The sea then began to get restless. Able Body Seaman Turner was one of the last to jump from the Otranto and saw the ship and Captain Ernest W. Davidson go down as he waved to his men as he stayed by his charge to the very end. We could see, over the right, a great high cliff of rocks, not more than a half-mile away, but no hope there, as we knew we would be dashed to death against the rocks. Vessel. There were several men in the hospital who were killed outright. Customs Passenger Lists between 1820 and 1891 asked for each immigrant's name, their age, their sex, their occupation, and their country of origin, but not the city or town of origin. Passenger Lists From Ireland - 1803 - #1 Passenger List From Ireland - 1803 - #2 Bowditch, Liverpool to NY, May 1839 William Brumit was killed on 6 October, 1918 during the sinking of the Otranto. U.S.N.S. Pvt. I supposed it was done while I was fastened under the chain. Westfal Larsen. She had twin propellers driven through reduction gears by six steam turbines that between them developed 3,722 NHP. 1966 The Orient Line name was dropped and thenceforward disappeared. I think I held to this chain for nearly an hour; but I wasnt lonesome, as two other soldiers were holding to the same chain. Notes. We didnt know how we could get from our ship to the destroyer, but with a most daring captain, or else he could not have done such a wonderful thing, the destroyer came alongside our ship, so near that our boys, and the crew, jumped for their lives. In most instances, you will find more information by looking at the image of the list. Paul F. Smith service number 793373 was killed during the sinking of the Otranto on 6 October, 1918. Arthur Harmon, No. Pvt. . List of passengers disembarking at Southampton and London. After the War my hometown erected a monument to honor the men who had died in service from my town. Likewise German ships which would naturally include an umlaut in their name may be spelt with a 'u' or with a 'ue'. Otranto was in service until 1957, when she was sold for scrap. The destroyer had just passed the wave valley and was just starting back up, so he not only hit with great impact but also his body had rotated in the air and he hit on his left shoulder. It was used by Geoffrey and Hazel Tirchett who immigrated from London to Victoria, as '10 Pound Tourists' leaving London on 3 June 1954. This information on Cpl. He has no known grave and is recorded on the Chatham Naval Memorial in Kent, UK. [5] On 4 August 1932 she collided with the Thames barge Why Not in the Thames Estuary at Thameshaven, Essex, England; Why Not sank.[6]. "7h:100c:95f" was written by Kevin Rodriguez and Lauren Shippen. Although the destroyer H.M.S. PASSENGER LISTS Journey to Australia Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild THE COMPASS PASSENGER LISTS If you find a ship you would like to research you will find the URL link under the site name and also at the bottom of the page. He tried to time his jump to the destroyer so he would land on the destroyer as it was at its wave peak or at least just starting back down. The American landsmen thought they would be safer on board the larger vessel than the small naval craft but this was to their undoing and explained why so many were lost. [7],, This page was last edited on 1 December 2022, at 15:49. The ship was named after the town of Otranto in Apulia in southern Italy. Newsome was born in Belvidere, North Carolina about 1897 and at the time of enlistment he lived at R. F. D. 5, London, Ohio. Sgt. All British ports found so far within the BT27 passenger lists are given in an alphabetical A-Z drop-down list. Charles was serving during WWI and his unit, C.A.C. length 482ft x beam 58.2ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw, speed 10 knots, accommodation for 12-1st class passengers. She had a displacement of 12,124 gross tons and 535.3 x 64.0 x 38.6ft . His mother, Mrs. Sam Smith, 348 Kilgore St., Cincinnati, Ohio, was notified as next of kin of his death. Our trip was eventful until the night of the 1st when we collided with a French Schooner. You need to bear in mind also that a significant proportion of passengers are shown on the original list without an age - these 'blank' ages are shown in your returned results together with those of the right year of birth, so that you can consider them as well. These voyages often called en route at additional ports, including those in Europe, and any passengers disembarking at these stops are included. This photo is previous to his service on the Otranto and is of a group of sailors from the HMS Pembroke. 1938 The Australia service extended to New Zealand. Starring Kelly Marie Tran, Colin Morgan, Rob Benedict and Patti LuPone. New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973. In each case, viewing the image of the passenger list will reveal the exact term used and the precise destination of the passenger. In addition, crew on passenger lists are not normally shown, although the captain or master is usually named on the header pages and some pre-printed and other lists do give details of senior staff. Finally, the islands of the Caribbean have been grouped together under a single West Indies heading, with the exception of the large islands of Cuba, Haiti/Dominican Republic and Jamaica, which have their own entries. 1888-1940 are the official passenger lists for people arriving in Port Adelaide from overseas. Thomas Goodwin was born and raised in Blackburn, Lancashire, England.