The ever-changing beers available range from hoppy double IPAs to fruited sours to bourbon barrel aged stouts. Great Lakes Brewing also has made multiple sustainability efforts, including joining a collective of one of the largest urban farms in the country and founding the Pint Size Farm agricultural cooperative. Bayern Brewing opened in Missoula in 1987, and it gets its name from where the owner and master brewer, Jurgen Knoller, grew up: Bayern, which literally translates to the German state of Bavaria. What to order: Black Radish German Lager. Its designed like an English pub with a fireplace, stained glass windows, and dark wood, and most of the beers are European styles, like English-style ales and IPAs, German-style lagers, and Irish-style red ales. They cite southeast Alaska as the inspiration for many of their brews, which reflect similar characteristics as the ales brewed in Alaska during the gold rush era. in the West. The brewery started in 1985 after owner Larry Bell owned a homebrew supply shop for two years, and today its one of the most well known and loved craft breweries in the country. For the name, the owners picked Empyrean, which means the highest heaven and the land of fire. Theres something about a ski town that makes local beer taste all the better, and Snake River Brewings longevity proves thats a common perception. Today, its owned by Craft Brew Alliance, which itself is owned by Budweisers parent company AB-InBev. Martin City Brewing Company - 500 East 135th Street, Kansas City, MO 64145. It opened on a gravel road in the Old Manchester District of Richmond in 1994 and served sandwiches and fries (food was required to sell alcohol at the time), but there wasnt a whole lot there in terms of what could draw people in. It was, after all, the beer preferred by Captain Quint in Jaws. As one of the oldest breweries in Kansas City, the beer crafters at Fringe opt for a traditional approach to beer crafting. This brewery making our list probably comes as no shock to you considering it's one of KC's largest and oldest breweries. Duvel Moortgat Brewery is a well-known and respected brewery that has produced good beer for a long time. , which Albert and Joni Upsher opened in 1994. - MARTIN CIZMAR. The brewery in the southern part of the state near the Gulf of Mexico has an inviting taproom and restaurant called The Porch thats worth a stop on a Southern road trip. Originally conceived as Vino's Pizzeria in 1990, it quickly converted to a brewpub once Arkansas legalized them in 1993. Today the company has a chain of brewpubs in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. They expanded their beer offerings to immediate success and high demand, and in 2007 expanded to a large space just south of the city. Brewhouses were built that way, and it became the way of doing it, where they would hoist the grain up to the top level and then use gravity in the brewing process, and by the time it got down to the bottom level, it was beer," says Maxwell. 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The brewery became a neighborhood standard as a place not just to sit back and drink local beer, but also a spot to see concerts and events. One of the most unique features of Boulevard is its beer hall, which offers free tours that give you an inside look at its brewing process. Bayern Brewing follows the same rules. Available at Made In KC stores. When it started: 1989 When it started: 1995 Firehouse Brewing gets its name from a firehouse, as you might suspect. The brewery is housed in what was once The Brass Lamp in a building with rafters made of repurposed Boise State University stadium materials rafters that are now covered with a massive collection of coasters. The original brewery has been transformed into a 100-seat brew pub, and the brews are well loved in the state and elsewhere both for drinking and for cooking. Dont think that means a limit in styles, though. Wyoming may be the least populous state in the country, but it has some, seriously good breweries and distilleries, . opened in Missoula in 1987, and it gets its name from where the owner and master brewer, Jurgen Knoller, grew up: Bayern, which literally translates to the German state of Bavaria. Perhaps its most well-known beer is the Chicken Killer Barley Wine, created in homage to the chickens massacred by one of the founding brewers pet dachshund, Petey. Where: 636 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044 Few states are as famous for beer as Michigan. Kansas City has a sudsy history full of pre-Prohibition distilleries and breweries that catered to the thirsty patron near and far. is the first modern brewery, and the current oldest brewery, in Virginia. What to order: Dos Lunas lager. Albert previously worked as a distributor for Anheuser Busch in Oregon, and found a home for his own business in Jackson. Washingtons craft brewing history is about as long as it is storied. Times vary. Prohibition, world wars, and changing tastes in beer couldnt close the brewery. Theres a website displayed on the side in huge font: Shipping & Store Pickup; Giving Back; Union Printed; About Us; Clothing Adults. The cafe transformed into a full service restaurant featuring American Craft-brewed beers, and later, that concept evolved into a full brewery. One of these products was called "near beer" which contains less-than-half of 1 percent alcohol by volume, but it wasnt enough to keep the brewery open during prohibition. What to order: Gearys Pale Ale. Pitkins Hall . Barley Bus takes riders to three different stops and includes plenty of beer samples. It also takes its food very seriously and according to some has the best burgers in Kansas City. Kansas Citys reputation in the 1920s and 30s as a destination for revelry earned it the nickname The Paris of the Plains, a clever moniker that alluded to the alcohol which flowed freely despite national Prohibition. While the St. Louis beer giant has taken over, a brewery across the state in Kansas City holds the title for oldest craft brewery: Boulevard Brewing Co. For the name, the owners picked Empyrean, which means the highest heaven and the land of fire. Where: 923 W 7th St, Little Rock, AR 72201 Its not a theme picked at random the owner, John Hill, was born in Middlesbrough North Yorkshire, while his wife Nancy is from Indiana. H. James Maxwell, author of Hometown Beer: A History of Kansas Citys Breweries, says there were many advantages to producing beer in Kansas City at the time, including good railroad access. . The slogan, O! What to order: air. In 1919, the Seaboard Milling Company purchased the Imperial Brewery building and turned it into a flour mill which operated until 1985. Where: 1507 Montana St, Missoula, MT 59801 You can find old-school beer styles and flavors at Fringe. Descendants Brewing Company (formerly The Ship Inn) is technically New Jerseys oldest craft brewery with an opening year of 1995. Today, like Kona in Hawaii and Widmer Brothers in Oregon, Redhook Brewery is part of the Craft Brew Alliance thats owned by AB InBev. The beers made here are inspired by world famous Belgian brews, and this is one of the largest and oldest breweries in KC. Dunedin opened in 1995 and is a laid back and spacious brewery. In 2010, it moved to its current location on 14th street near Railroad Park. Stay current with seasonal attractions, deals and more by signing up to receive our newsletter. Being the first modern craft brewery in the state wasnt the only accomplishment, it was also the first to distribute statewide in 2002. In 2005, Michael Coakley and Corey Weinfurt purchased the 3.2-acre complex, and today operate O'Malley's Pub, America Bowman Restaurant and Weston Brewing Company at the original brewing site at Welt and Short in Weston. A lot of them were sold for cold storage facilities. Beer was produced using a large red malt mill found in an abandoned meadow in England, and its still in use today. But in terms of the first brewery overall, that honor goes to. When it started: 1990 Admirable sustainability efforts matched with truly delicious beer makes choosing a cold one over a fruity cocktail an easy choice. in Kalamazoo, which you likely know thanks to the flagship Bells Two Hearted Ale. Check the calendar, as the restaurant and bar also has a band-shell for live music and theater, and for the beer adverse, its also a winery. Sparks, Nevada, is where youll find the original location of. Green Room is the oldest brewery in Kansas City and it honors its traditions and brews in small batches. It had a humble start making 1,500 barrels of beer, but is now one of the largest craft breweries in the country and makes more than 125,000 barrels a year. When it started: 1995 Oklahoma has never made it easy for people who make alcohol for a living. Where: 61 Bridge Street Milford, NJ 08848 When it started: 1993 Where: 1634 18th St, Denver, CO 80202 The oldest brewery in Texas started in 1909 to satisfy Bohemian immigrants in the area with fresh beer produced right there in Shiner, Texas, rather than being shipped in from San Antonio or Houston. The Anchor Steam beer a deep amber colored beer with a thick, creamy head has been the brewerys bread-and-butter for over 50 years, and remains a top seller. Kansas's oldest active brewery is the Free State Brewery, which was established in Lawrence, KS in 1989. It ran until 1987, closed and was purchased by another owner in 1990, and then a tornado hit the building in 1996. Today, Wasatch has locations in Sugar House and the Salt Lake City airport in addition to the original location on main street in Park City. It ran until 1987, closed and was purchased by another owner in 1990, and then a tornado hit the building in 1996. When it started: 1849 Where: 420 Mahantongo St, Pottsville, PA 17901 Holladay called nearby Weston, Mo., home while Muehlebach was based in what is now the Crossroads Arts District (and later moved to The City Market) and J. Rieger called the West Bottoms home. You can find it set in the center of the top of the building, which, after 100 years, is providing drinks to Kansas City once again. When it started: 1989 Big Grove Brewery. Thus, Boulevard Brewing Co. was born. Production for each company steadily increased leading up to Prohibition. The oldest brewery still running in the state is Snake River Brewing Co., which Albert and Joni Upsher opened in 1994. The tallest building on the grounds was the brewhouse. Dunedin started in 1995, and though there were a few large breweries in Florida, Dunedin was the first craft brewery in the state. Thats when the name officially changed to Barrio Brewing Company. Imperial Brewery in Kansas City Katie Sgroi (Used with Permission) The imposing brick building watching over Kansas City's 1-35 is a remnant from the city's golden age of brewing. That was the year that Greg Schirf, whos originally from Milwaukee, started Wasatch Brewery. It quickly racked up the accolades, and the company today remains a fixture in the beer community as one of the largest craft brewing companies that also owns brands like Delawares Dogfish Head and non-beer brands like Angry Orchard, Twisted Tea, and Truly Hard Seltzer. By 1997, the brewing part of Brewery & Grill became big enough to split off into a separate business. Theres also the modern line up of a variety of IPAs, amber ales, seltzers, and limited edition porters. Oregon is a craft beer state through and through. The brewery has around 20 beers, from an unfiltered organic amber to traditional pilsners and doppelbocks. Mississippi was late to the craft beer movement. The citys party scene lived on, however, as officials and officers largely ignored the rule thanks to Boss Tom Pendergasts control over Kansas City. The Genesee Brew House features a restaurant, bar, and taproom, and offers tours of the brewing facility itself. Washingtons craft brewing history is about as long as it is storied. Business was booming. Where: 2323 Defoor Hills Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 It can be hard for a brewery to make a name for itself in a state so synonymous with bourbon. When it started: 1987 When Spoetzl died in 1950, his daughter, Cecilie, became the only woman brewery owner in the country, and she helped build on the brewerys legacy. Good beer helps, too. When it started: 1986 In 1884, Ferdinand Heim moved from Germany to Kansas City and started a Ferd. It was opened by a German immigrant, David G. Yuengling, who started it up in 1829 as Eagle Brewery in Pottsville, and it remained family owned (and has since taken on the family name).