If you take small part of a bigger image and blow it up to match the size/aspect ratio of other photos on the card, it will still keep the same number of pixels per square inch, but they will become much bigger. There appears to be a blue pieces of trash on the ground. It also looks like that red item is around her neck as well. Basically, theres a lot of government corruption and poverty as a result. Jalisco authorities have launched an investigation in connection with the enforced disappearance of four tourists. Have you performed this same work on any of the other case photos? The world may never know what happened to the pair, but speculation still runs wild. Theymade numerous emergency calls afew hours into their hike; logs show they managed to connect only oncedue to poor reception in the forest. Its almost as if Kris is in the midst of turning back around at the moment this photo is taken, due to the foliage becoming too dense to proceed any further. For all that we know, it could be someone who works for the police who did this. This level of negligence and irresponsibility would be considered criminal in a developed country. I agree. Im always looking for answers. The night time photos are not relevant but the result of someone playing with the camera. I suppose incompetence runs at many levels. She must therefore be in a house or building of some kind and therefore being kept prisoner at least for the 8 days before that photo was taken. Kris is clearly sticking out her tongue at someone. I wanted to her a benefit of the doubt before I came across this article, yes she did mention red and black feathers on a piece of wood and turquoise pendant and a white mask. Since they were two young women from Europe, I can easily see the possibility that they offended the wrong man. Im sure removal of the comment was justified, but in considering all possibilities Im curious if there was there any insight offered? scary Possibly ambushed and didnt have time? While posing with sticking out your tongue means for a Dutch native you found something disgusting, especially while simultaneously closing your eyes. Someone mentioned a Jaguar? Perhaps incriminating photos existed on the camera before and new photos were taken to overwrite the cameras memory files, therefore preventing the old photos from being extracted from the cameras digital memory. Where did he leave them? (From our perspective to the right of her directly in front of her feet about waist high). Why no video diary? The abductor is a deeply religious man, in his own demented way, and he sees this as a sign from God. But there are a few holes in this particular theory. Do you think this could be at all relevant? Photo #509 was permanently deleted which takes advanced technical knowledge, plus a computer. Not in the third world. Ive written about many disappearances in Central America: https://imperfectplan.com/disappearances/, Thank you for your comment and please feel free to send me any notes/info that you find. Make sure you contact someone with this info. Surely they would put them back on if only for a little insulation. In Latin America, it is as common as drinking coffee. I also think that we are looking at man-made roof structure, but its not the last photo, right? Friends Kris Kremers (born August 9th, 1992) and Lisanne Froon (born September 24th, 1991) were two Dutch tourists who went missing under mysterious circumstances in early April of 2014 while on vacation in Panama, allegedly disappearing during a hike on the Pianista trail near Boquete.. Why werent those outgoing calls being completed? The backpack and contents were covered with fingerprints, yet they were never analyzed. She does look slightly uneasy but I just think it was a photo she wasnt expecting. Perhaps Kris fell first and Lisanne heard her scream and running in fell herself. Who did the manipulation of course is a mystery but it points to being a corroboration of the police narrative that they got lost. Fearing that these two strangers may bring the wrath of God upon him, he releases them into the jungle. They are free now. Just pressing the button to turn the screen on provides you with the relative information, ie, whether you have a signal or not. The chain of custody is muddy. Was the reception that bad in those locations? On March 14, 2014, students LisanneFroon and Kris Kremers traveled from the Netherlands to Panama, where they intended toassistlocal communities, volunteerwith children, learnSpanish, and relax a bit. Only a handful of the pictures retrieved from the memory card showed clear images, with most showing near-complete darkness. December 12, 2022. RIP sweet girls. We have no way of knowing if somebody tried to unlock the phone but failed. The search efforts moved into the forests where the young women traversed, using on-foot search teams and dog units. I dont see what the writer sees at all. This would mean that this photo possibly shows the entrance to a cave leading inside the wall of rock behind it. i found it hard to understand and pickup any of the highlighted objects.i grew up in a tropical country and spent a lot of my childhood exploring woods and secondary jungles around my home with my friendsthe way i see it is that the girl have encountered a thick unpenetrable undergrowth at the end of some sort of a gorge.maybe in an effort to find a way through or out of it.when youre at ground level in a jungle its just a green world and colour hues jumbled up in some sort of a mess.and after a while you started noticing odds shapes n colours through the leavesoccassinally there will be thrash thrown around.just my thoughts. On April 1, the 21-year-old and 22-year-old went for a walk through the scenic forests around the Baru Volcano in Boquete. When the girls were vacationing in South Panama it shows a photo of them in the ocean, and behind them in the ocean is a fat white man seemingly staring at them. If the culprit is not brought to book, the rest of the world says it is to protect the tourist industry. No sir, just ordinary incompetence. Hi Justin, Well done the image is really sharp now. I have watched so much about this case and this is the first time I have heard that the parents withheld photos. The local jungle tribes people have been looking for the girls. Do we know who owned the dog named Blue (aka Azul). Only returning them in hopes of getting the reward. And her shirt is pushed up. I was visiting Panama and Boquette July 2014, thats when I first heard about this case and was following it ever since. At that time, she had her phone. Thank you, Sue. I would certainly buy it if it had been printed in English. Her hands are not tied. There are over 30 fingerprints on the blue backpack which belongs to one of the girls, but they dont want to investigate the fingerprints. Eight tourists from Moscow who. I just realized Blue, the guide dog who often walks hikers up the trail, whose return home without the girls alerted locals they were missing, IS NOT IN ANY OF L & K pictures. Where they went and who they talked to in order to build up an idea about what motivated them to take that fateful walk and what information could have taken them down the other side of the divide. WHY? In the end, maybe this photo has more information that was originally thought. For pareidiologists, in the Cave photo on the right just over halfway from Kris head to the edge of the photo there is an arm and hand tied to a tree, and to the right of Kris leg is the sole of a walking boot with a light stripe down the middle. What I have not found is concrete evidence of where they went. I would like to know their movements precisely from arriving in Boquete. Perhaps every murder in the first world is resolved. The branches above her could be an attempt to hide the entrance. Look for an ex-military man who may be the culprit. The structure at the back of this small ravine looks like a hideout that a military man might make, as part of survival training in the jungle. This basically kills the idea of living in Panama on permanent tourist status. The problem with the links you are providing is not that the links themselves are necessarily unsafe (they could be, but we wont test them)the problem is that ALL of your links require users to download some form of content. Most gangs in Panama are not big gangs with hundreds of members, like you would find in Mexico and El Salvador. Could be leaves, I suppose, but to me it looks like someone is looking at the them from the vegetation. I feel that unless they do or unless further forensic work has shown something more then, no matter what the experts in survival say, it is still only speculation and not proof. Even a subtle untimely laugh behind a mans back in Latin America can create a hostile situation if the women were alone later. Were their phones not able to text? The dogs just do what they want to do. The point is that all of this case was poorly handled by the authorities. Thank you for your comment. There is no database of how many people go missing in national parks every year but the National Parks Service has at least 29 cold cases of people who have gone missing and have yet to be found, with the oldest case dating back to 1958.. The supporting pole is diagonal from upper right to lower middle indicating the path is beginning to head down. Only three days later the three assailants were given their sentences: Hctor Abrego - 15 years in prison and must pay his sentence in jail in Santiago. Is there a particular name, symbol or color associated with the gang? and then found by someone and then the real nightmare started. I would think they had to be pretty far into the jungle to have come across that slat roof structure. They were only 2 weeks into their trip and only on their 4th day in Boquete so they were innocents abroad and would have been broadcasting that to all who cared to look. He wants the gringos to go away and leave him in peace. She is not tied up, there is no rope around her waist and there are no hidden or blurry people in the photo. I know that their camera and mobile phone photos have been analyzed a thousand times by various people online but I also know that many people arent able to enhance the brightness, contrast, exposure and saturation in a professional graphics program. Indeed it does not even accidentally appear. after studying the original photo, she is actually posing sticking her tongue out, in a slight hunched over salute, the light is hitting her hand, her pose and demeanor makes me believe it is Lisanne taking the photo. Returning the phones + money immediately made it look like they werent attacked for robbery.
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